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BCS commits to the Middle East

For over 50 years and more than 75,000 members in over 100 countries - many from industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft and IBM, BCS has committed itself to individuals, training providers and organizations to gain competitive advantage through delivering world-class professional development based on its global recognized standards.

Current challenges for CIO’s in the Middle East are to reduce costs with tighter IT budgets and greater transparency and accountability of spending. The delivery of energy efficiency and sustainable IT are becoming an increasing focus for CIOs in the current climate. There is a concern in this booming economy around recruiting IT professionals with the skills who can help organizations deliver energy efficient and low carbon IT.

BCS advise, inform and influence not only industry but government and academic organizations on successful IT implementation, through unbiased recommendations on job roles, skills audits and professional development and deliver rigorous quality professional training recognized world-wide. BCS is the global awarding body for highly valued and relevant IT skills certifications.